Semester 5

Course: Techno-Economic Study

Course Code: ΜΚΗ8
Course Level: Undergratuate
Obligatory/Elective: Obligatory
Semester: 5
Division: Main Course
Group: Main Course
ECTS Credits: 4
Hours Per Week: 3
Language: Greek

Businesses on a daily basis are faced with a wide range of issues that they need to manage and resolve by making decisions that shape their financial future. In the lesson themes are developed referring to the following areas:

1. business concept,

2. time value of money,

3. uniform series of payments (rants),

4. calculation of loan details,

5. methods used to assess the feasibility or otherwise of an investment,

6. break-even point calculation of the turnover,

7. risk management and calculation methods.

Particular emphasis is given to the part of tutorial exercises in repetitive combinatorial exercises that integrate into practical applications and problems all the theoretical and practical methods that have been analyzed in previous lessons.

Learning Outcomes:

The purpose of the Techno-economic Analysis course is to understand the basic concepts of the purpose of financial management in a business, to analyze the financial environment in which it operates, as well as to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge on the proper methodology to be followed for the evaluation of investments in fixed assets in conditions of certainty, valuation of inventories and value of enterprises, as well as risk management in conditions of uncertainty.


Upon successful completion of the course the student will be able to:

• Knows the objective of the business from a financial management point of view.

• Understands the time value of money.

• Has knowledge of the various methods of valuation of fixed assets investments under certain conditions.

• Analyzes risk management in conditions of uncertainty.

• Calculate the break-even point of a business's turnover.

• Combine all the previous tools for solving complex problems.

• Use computing tools (e.g. Microsoft Excel) to evaluate investment programs.



Teaching Methods:
Method Description Semester Workload
Lectures 26
Tutorial exercises 13
Group projects 26
Individual study 35
Total 100
  • Interim evaluation progress (30%)
  • Teamwork of econometric analysis in an energy investment case study (30%)
  • Final Written Examination (40%)
Suggested Books:

1. Michael Nikolaidis, Techno-economic Analysis Guide, Code
2. T. Anastasiou, Techno-economic studies, Code Eudoxos:
3. C. Kyriazis, Techno-economic studies, Code Eudoxos:
4. Th. Lazaridis, G. Conteos, N. Sariannidis, Contemporary
Financial Analysis, Code Eudoxos: 59381279.

Lecturer: Gkaidatzis Paschalis